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Are you courageous enough to level up?

Building your confidence is absolutely crucial to crushing it in life, whether it applies to your career, your relationships or your

happiness. I don't think I'm dropping rocket-science level wisdom here, you already know the benefits of having confidence in yourself. But what about courage?

Courage is when you don't have control in an outcome and you go for it anyway. It's when you're scared and maybe even nauseous but you forge ahead because that's how we grow. The people I'm most attracted to are courageous. They're bold and willing to try something, even if it may fail. They own the stuff that doesn't work out with the same confidence that these warriors celebrate their successes.

It takes courage to start a business or change your career path. Or to hire people and grow your operation. Letting go of ideas that are not succeeding takes the most courage of all because it feels like giving up on yourself and your investment in an idea or product. I'm here to tell you that the sooner you let go of something that's not working, the closer you are to finding the solution that will work for you.

So how does a person build their courage muscle? Start with baby steps. Do a small thing that makes you uncomfortable whether it's going to dinner alone or filming a reel for your instagram feed. And then when the world doesn't come crashing down, try something that's a little bigger reach for you. You'll find out that you have grit and can handle your shit.


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