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Erin gets inspired by inspiring others. Her talks at industry conferences, women's organizations and design schools have helped people find a path, gain confidence and achieve big hairy goals. Erin's speaking style is irreverent and passionate, filled with bold ideas and sprinkled with current data.



Find out why we operate the way we do and how to ramp up your career.

Learn how to get the raise, promotion or seat at the table that you've earned. Join like-minded women to discover how to quantify your successes, define your goals and fine-tune your personal brand. This workshop is for future badasses, it will be lively and unfiltered. Expect to laugh, make friends, practice fearlessness and walk out empowered with the beginning of a career advancement plan.



Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

The current competitive hiring climate requires companies to offer more than a paycheck to potential superstars. A creative environment leads to creative thinking. Creative thinking leads to innovative problem solving. Learn how to foster a creative environment for improved employee engagement, visionary ideas and more fun at work. Boost your bottom line with a Creativity Workshop.

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