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A Lifetime of Bold Creativity

Erin won her first poster design contest at 8 years old. It was for the local library and her primary inspiration was the grand prize – a coupon book of McDonald's french fries. That's a lot of winning for a little kid.

Erin opened up an agency right after receiving a BS in Graphic Design at SJSU, because what's better than no experience and no money to launch a business? Turns out she has a gift for bringing people together and solving problems in a beautiful way. The agency delivered award winning content and design for all of the BIG DAWGS in Silicon Valley, provided jobs for super talented moms who wanted job flexibility before it was a 'thing', and launched a lot of promising young interns into the real world of design. Erin loves design but her favorite part of the job is helping other creative types find their light and make it shine brighter.


Erin continues to eat french fries and obsess about art. 



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