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I have worked with Erin for over 16 years, in several companies and roles. She has a tremendous capacity to take on challenging assignments, devise thoughtful and creative solutions and execute to completing of deliverables. Based upon her outstanding performance, I have hired her multiple times, and get superior performance every single time. Her contributions are such, that she actually becomes part of your team, interacting with employees and other contractors to arrive at the best end product. She can be depended upon to work within guidelines, constraints and budgets, yet deliver impactful results. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


"My favorite thing about Erin is her brain. She's a freaking genius."


Erin Sarpa, Creative Director

She had everyone in stitches while also providing practical information that enriched the audience personally and professionally. Despite Erin’s amazing accomplishments, what people truly valued was that she is approachable and real. You will leave her presentation inspired.


Jennifer Anderson

Partner at Acrisure

Erin has been a long-time business associate and collaborator. We have shared the stage a numerous national conferences and her energy, passion and insight are a rare find. She has the unique mix of gifts; part business-person, part creative, part genuine individual. I'm honored to count her as one of my trusted business associates.

Steve Morris, CEO Mth Degree

Erin is one of those creative people who just gets it. She's a rare gem in that while she's super creative, she also understands the business needs and designs for business.

Sharon Taniguchi

Director, Digital Social Marketing

Riverbed Technologies

"Erin just has that special 'something.' I really think she should be a movie star."


Erin Sarpa, Creative Director

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