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Pushing Boundaries

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I was a compliant child– my parents would tell you that I was their easy kid out of 3. I’m not sure what day I woke up and thought, “arbitrary rules are for stupid fuckers.” Hopefully I was at least 14 with that kind of mouth. But from that day on, I became a card-carrying rule breaker.

As a professional and a mother of 3, I understand the importance of boundaries. They keep us safe. They provide a common understanding of acceptable behavior, that’s why we didn’t send our daughter to boarding pre-school when she was a 4 year old hellion. Boundaries also limit us, particularly when they are out of date or established by someone who doesn’t share our belief system. So I like to push them. Hard.

My knack for ignoring the rules of engagement has landed me in meetings to which I wouldn’t have been invited. What’s the worst that can happen if I ask to be at the table? They can reject me and I can burn down the building?

Throwing caution to the wind has led me to discovering that I love standing in front of a crowd and sharing my successes and failures. Pushing boundaries provides great adventures instead of repeat experiences. Most of all, it’s super fucking fun. The times I have laughed the hardest are the moments where me or someone else has decided to just go for it. Even if it’s embarrassing.

The older I get, the less shits I have to give about expectations (another word for boundaries). I’m realizing that I only get this one life and whatever time I have left will not be spent living within someone else’s limitations.

If you are a natural rule-follower, I triple dog dare you to try a different coffee drink (gasp!) or invite a friendly acquaintance out for a hike and get to know her better. And when that doesn’t ruin your life, maybe you could push the boundaries a little more and find some magic.


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