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Getting Engaged (without the ring)

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

It’s easy to take the path of least resistance. That’s why it’s called the path “of least resistance.” Some days I don’t want to think too hard, or work too intensely. I want to let life happen and hope for the best. But most days I want to participate in my own success and happiness, my best health and my relationships.

It takes effort to be deliberate about the stuff in life that matters. Some people are lucky and have a natural gift and coasting through life works out for them at least some of the time.

Fuck those guys.

Most of us don’t fall into that category. Most of us have to work hard, take chances and fail some of the time. Which is fine, it’s the process we use to find success in our next effort.

The light doesn't come on without flipping a switch.

So when we’re feeling mediocre and lazy, how do we create our own spark and re-engage with our goals? I think the answer is part creativity and part practical. First we need to know what we’re trying to achieve. Promotion? Learn a skill? Make more money? Spend more time with someone who matters?

Next we need to remember what makes our souls soar and gives us energy.


Being outdoors

Favorite music

New experiences

Chilling with friends

Meeting new people

Pajama day

Learning something new

Charitable acts

Time alone

Video gaming

Playing an instrument

Being outside and listening to music are my tried and true methods for putting myself into a positive, energetic frame of mind. When I do both at the same time, I make progress. I wasn’t sure how to organize my thoughts on this subject so I took my laptop outside and cranked up the volume. 


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